hoping to figure out trbl b4 open waters


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hoping to figure out trbl b4 open waters

i have a older trihull fiberglass boat with a 69 55hp johnson outboard with electric shift i bought last summer knowing it needed a little work only to find it needed more than i thought i cant get any spark i have since replaced the plugs the coil the ignition module box which also controles the electric shift my neighbor is a small engine mechanic and has been helping me we hav rewired moost of the ignition 1 wire at a time and still nothing there is power going to the coil and out but no spark... is there a sensor we cld b missing wld it be possible mice hav also gotten into the throttle shift and key control and shorted sumthing because the throttle lever is suppose to b in 1 spot for starting but u need to put it at the opposit end for it to even crank over or do u think they just put wires on bkwards or sumthin which is wat we had thought but not sure any ideas on what we shld try or where i cld try to start next iwld appreciate tyvm
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Might try www.defender.com they have the maintenance & repair manuals for what you have .

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No spark outboard

The moderator is right - the manual is a MUST since two cycle engines have (many) different operating characteristics from a four cycle engine.

From a Seloc manual: '...a magneto system is a self-contained unit. Therefore, if the engine has a key switch and wire harness remove them from the engine, then make a test for spark. If a good spark is obtained when these two items are disconnected, but no spark is available at the plug when they are connected, then the trouble is in the harness oor key switch. If a test is made for spark at the plug with the harness and key switch connected, check to be sure the key switch is turned to the ON position.'

Hence NEVER use an automotive type key switch, since the circuit would open and close in reverse and destroy the coil!

I bought a manual and parts catalog from http://www.marineengine.com
Both are indispensible!!


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