bosun type help needed


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bosun type help needed

Got a long, 2" wide nylon tow strap someone formed an eye in one end of by
doubling the strap and knotting. A subsequent pull has left a mamoo tough with a set to it.

I sat down and tried to pick the knot with an ice pick, trying to get any
kind of slack, anywhere in it. After all my finagling, I couldn't get
anywhere at all without piercing or tearing the strap material.

Can anyone offer me any further tips or tricks so I can salvage the strap

If not, what I guess I'll do is simply cut out the knot part and take the
remaining two pieces to a shoe shop and get 'em lapped and sewn across in a
number of places. That way I'll have a 25% shorter tow strap, but still
good to go.
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Thats a screw up for sure. Dont know if it will work on the belt like there . But some times it help to put a rope knot in a bucket of water over night. Thats why you always want to use a bowline knot for that.


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