Noise in sterndrive/engine


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Erik Gray
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Question Noise in sterndrive/engine

I have noticed a noise and would appreciate any responses.

I have 02, Chaparral 196ssi, 5.0 v8, carbureted, Alpha. I have used the boat for 3 seasons and have appx. 200 hrs on it.

My boat runs great but when I was out yesterday I noticed something.

I was running @42-4400rpm on smooth water. It was cool out so I had my head behind the windshield. It is much quieter out of the wind and I noticed that when I trimmed it out just right there was very little engine sound, just a purr. However, when I trimmed up or down ever so slightly, there was a louder sound. It also did this when I turned the wheel slightly (basically whenever I increased the load on the sterndrive). I am taking the boat for service this week but I wondered if any of my fellow owners have any idea what this may be.

Gimble Bearing: worn or just need grease? By the way, How do I grease this?


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What kind of "sound" is it?. Does it make a "clunking" or whining?, does it do when engine is off?.

There's a grease fitting on the starboard side for gimbal bearing, most of newer boat today came with sealed u-joint and only way to get to it is remove the drive but then again, you may not be able to find a grease fitting on u-joint.
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Erik Gray
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Sterndrive noise

The sound is not a clunk or whine. More of a low roar. There is no noise
when the engine is off or when the drive is not in gear.


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Sounds like gimbal bearing to me. Grease it, & see if it quiets down. If not you're looking at pulling the drive to see if the bearing is bad. Good lick.

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