Merc Mark 10A Frozen


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Merc Mark 10A Frozen

I have a merc mark 10a 10hp outboard that was given to me.
I was told that the it needed the water pump replaced. It had the lower gear case removed. The rest of the engine looked ok. However when I tried to move the fly wheel it was frozen. Before I buy books. I was wondering if the water pump was replaced to late and the powerhead was over heated. Is there is anything I can do? Is the powerhead burnt or is it still in gear. I believe I set it in neutral, or is there something I missed. I explained this to a boat service department, and they used to term locked. But wouldn't explain unitl I bring it in $$$.
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Something to add. I found on the oldmerc website about this engine.
These engines, while technically interesting, have an unusual transmission design that makes them complicated and challenging to service
That what I was thinking about it being in gear. That locked could of ment. I hope anyway.
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If the lower unit is off Cant see how it can be locked up. Pull the plugs and see if you can turn it by hand?

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I have pulled the plugs and tried turning it, and also tried penetrating oil.
No luck.
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Some water and long time idle will allow cylinder wall rusting. Flood cylinders with diesel or penetrating oil and wait, a long wait. A friend into antique tractors has told me this works for him.

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