Rotten Screw Holes


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Rotten Screw Holes

I have a 1987 SeaRay 270 Dancer that is in great condition except for a little(or big)problem with 3 (of 5) screw holes which mount the starboard side trim tab. There is some rotten or wet wood in/around at least 2 of the screw holes. I have no access to these holes from inside. When I pulled the boat for the season I took the tab off and drilled out any former repair attempts and some wood by coning it inside with a drill bit. I used acetone irrigation in an attempt to get rid of residual moisture in the holes and left the screw holes open, yet covered from top for the winter to allow drainage and drying. I checked it today (this is March) and there is still water in at least one of the screw holes so I added cotton string to help it drain. I'd like to get rid of all the rotten wood although the only way I feel this can be done is by coring it out from the outside or using a drill bit to remove as much bad wood as I can and then rebuilding what's been removed with West. Every time I seen something on this subject it talks of repairing from inside the boat and never from the outside, is there a reason why it wouldn't work the other way especially if InterProtect 2000e is going to be applied after the repair job is done and the compromised area is small?
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Repairing from inside keeps the original exterior finish looking good. Inside finish is less visible. I suspect you have a lot more rotten wood than you think. You will not know until you open it up.
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I don't think so, the more research on this the more I believe that the problem isn't a problem yet. Ping tests don't show any discernable difference in sound and it's solid behind the exterior fiberglass. The survey tells me the problem hasn't been there long. I just want to fix it now before it becomes a big problem and I don't see how I could get to it from the inside, thus why I am thinking of repairing from outside. Cosmetics don't worry me unless it is as you say and is a bigger problem than I think.
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Id cut the glass from outside if you cant get to it inside and rebuild all the bad wood there with new .Use the west system. Then reglass the outside Dont forget they have GIT ROT to go into the wood then marine tex for filler. And good old 5200 to set the trim tap in.


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