Batteries for Wave runnners


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Batteries for Wave runnners

Does anyone Recommend batteries for Wave Runners?
If so. How long have you gone with the same battery?
We have to winterize PWC and we recharge our Diehard's every year but we only get approximatley 2 years life for the battery.

OOPS just realized that I posted in the wrong forum sorry. But batteries are batteries anyone and everyone uses them universally for many applications.

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I have wondered the same thing.

I have not noticed one battery brand to be better than others. Some ski's seem to require a new battery every year while others can go 4 and sometimes 5 years on a battery. I've seen a mixture of OEM labled, Japanese brand and plain old Wally World batteries and I've never been able to figure out why some last and others don't.
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I'd love to find one that will last more than two years. Our experience is 12 - 18 months, with frequent checks of water levels, and charging when req'd!
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Battery Life

Basically, the bouncing and jarring the batteries are put though is one of the primary causes for shortened battery life. Many other causes also exist. Reading the pages provided in the links above will provide additional information. Hope the pages in the links help.

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