removing rivets


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removing rivets

Hi all i am changing the keels on an 18ft. aluminum fishing boat...too many loose rivits and too many leaks...there are about 500 drive rivits to remove to put on the new keels..also more to do all of the bracings below the water level.
i am looking on information on the easiest and fastest way to remove all of the rivits without damageing the removed braces and the original holes.
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two ways (easiest) drill other hammer , puch and chissell punch out center pin and chop head of with chissell there are special bit for removing rivets check your local home depot
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Chiseling is not a very good option for removing drive rivets in aluminum sheet metal. You will probably damage the skin and ribs of your boat by pounding so hard. I would drill out the rivets. You need a drill bit the same diameter as the shank of the rivets. Drill straight through the center of the rivet which is easiest if you start on the head (rounded) side. You don't have to go all the way through the rivet (through the driven side), but make sure you drill until you are past the skin or frame on the other side. Even if you are slightly off center the drill will have removed 95% of the metal in the rivet so it's pretty easy to pick loose.
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I think you will fine the best way is to grind the heads off with a small grinder then you can just punch them out with a drift pin the same size as they are. Just take your time at it and you wont mark the skin on it.They are not like aircraft rivets that have the center hole already in them.

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If you grind off the heads of the rived use a belt or disc sander. Aluminum will clog a stone grinding wheel. Also, be sure you do not touch the surrounding area with the sander.
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the only way to do it right is drill them out 1 at a time and take your time. the rivets are solid like aircraft rivets. drill just deep enough to get the head off and then use a pin punch to remove the rest of the rivet. don't use a hammer and chisel this will only cause the holes to elongate and not get a good seal later. install the new rivets wet (with a sealant) to keep from leaks later.

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