cracked block, other ?'s


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cracked block, other ?'s

I'm looking at a 1985 Glastron/Conroy X19, w/ a 140hp, 3.0litre, i/o. It's pretty cheap but... last year, he heard a "snap" sound, he said "it sounded electrical", then it didn't run well at all. He gave up on it after looking at it very little. I went tonigth and did a compression test on all 4 cyl, and got 100-120lbs on every one. thought maybe the head gasket went on him. The "snap" sounds a little suspicious. He said after it happened, it died, then after 15min he started it back up, and limped it back to dock. He just de-winterized it last week, and charged the battery yesterday. We couldn't get it to fire up tonight, but it sounded very strong turning over, no grinding metal, etc. My biggest issue though is the carb side of the block has about a 4" line of jb weld on it. I THINK it's on a water jacket. He said it dribbles very little while boating. Can this be welded? or is this thing sho/ tI've heard yes/no from people, but no boat experts. My 2nd ? is about the running issue. Any ideas? This guy is NO MECHANIC by any means, i know motors fairly well, but it's not here in my garage to "dive into". Thanks for the help.
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That old and you want to work on it .Id look around for a "short block" and put it in. If the boat is any good.

Might try them see if they have anything for it.

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limped it back to dock,sounds like a power pack.the 4" line of jb weld is not a good sign,if it is not in a bad spot could be welded,but better to find something could be a lose wrist pin in the top and that will cost a good bit to fix.
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POWER PACK ? Yeah, i've heard good/bad about weld jobs on blocks, a buddy is a great welder, if i get it, i'd like to at least give it a shot, the boat is very cheap.

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