fiberglass restorer


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fiberglass restorer

has anyone used a product to seal and restore the gloss of fiberglass? I think there are two products out there. one is called "new glass" and I can't remember the other. they claim to be some kind of polymer that sinks into the fg and brings back the gloss. you are supposed to put 5 or 6 coats down and there are all kinds of testimonials for the products. i just don't know whether i believe them or not.

on my boat, i have used 1000 and 1200 wet sandpaper followed by buffing with rubbing compound to bring sides of the hull back into shape. It really looks nice, but on deck, the greatest area is molded, non-skid. (sort of like little diamond plate steel). if i were to sand or use a buffer, it would only take off the tops of the diamonds.

i can get the glass clean but it requires an abrasive like softscrub or ss w/ bleach. this makes it clean and white for a while but as soon as the birds target it again, the stains get in even deeper and requires softscrub again, which opens the pores of the glass up even more. covering the boat might work, but it sits at the dock and the mast spreaders give a nice place for the birds to sit or they sit on the life lines. all the normal shiny stuff, plastic owls or snakes and moving twirly things don't scare them away.

i'm sure a complete recoating of gel coat on the deck would do a super job, but my boat is 30 feet and unless i win the lottery, that isn't not going to happen.
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Most are going to an Awlgrip on the glass sail boats now. Have you looked into it. You dont want to get the deck there slick.
Im a ragman also.

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alwgrip is paint

I do not want to paint the fiberglass. the restorer stuff is advertised as an economical solution and that's what i'm looking for, not to paint the entire deck.

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