89 yamaha 115hp possible fuel problem


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89 yamaha 115hp possible fuel problem

My yamaha does not seem to want to run at low idle. Runs fine when going down the lake but when you slow to a crawl it burps, farts, and stalls. You then have to prime the heck out of the bulb to get it running again. 2 minutes or so later and the same thing happens. Each time I prime it up again I can here the carbs float bowls filling up with gas. Is this likely a fuel pump problem or am I missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated. B.T.Y I checked compression changed plugs and cleaned the carbs which had no effect.
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Id sure go at the fuel pump now. The pump dont pump as fast when you slow down. Dont know if you can just change the inside guts of it or not.

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well I changed out the fuel pump and am still having the same problem. Pump the ball up engine runs fine for a couple minutes and then runs out of gas. I have tried hooking a cruise a day up and still have the same problem so I know its not in the tank. Any other suggestions?
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Lean idle?

Manual I have describes the condition as a lean low speed needle valve setting.

However, the manual is for a different engine, but the procedure is (if timing is corrected first) to turn the needle adjustment until the desired idle speed is obtained.
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yeah its draining the carb of its gas when idling so i cant see that being the needle setting but thanks anyway

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