Mildew on boat cover


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Mildew on boat cover

I've taken my boat outta storage and started prepping it for "my" fishing season.. My problem is this............... I noticed mildew has formed on the boat cover and soapy water won't take it off so........... should I try diluting down some clorox or is there a commercial product that I can use with good results?? Any and all help will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
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Id use a 50 /50 mix water and clorox on it . Thats what I use . Wash them down with that Let it dry out first. then put it away even for a short time.

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Try undiluted household bleach, and a peice of towel.

Worked very well on my truck last week, I poured the bleach directly onto the vehicle, since it seems to require wetting to start the removal. It was heavily mildewed. Fast and little effort. Is this chlorox?

No idea if destructive to a convertible top!

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boat cushion mildew

My boat is stored under a cover (on the trailer) when in storage. The cover really seals out all winter water but it also seals up any residual moisture inside. If I had electricity available, I would use a small fan to keep the air circulating. Well, over the relatively warm winter here the vinyl accumulates very serious amounts of mildew. Some vinyl areas (under the seats or in the foot wells) look almost completely black.

I've tried a number of methods to clean this up and finally have been completely sucessful. Bleach (clorox) is the key to killing mildew , but it will not stay in place long enough to do the job. I use 1/3 clorox, 1/3 Mr Clean, 1/3 water and a small hand brush. The large soap content helps keep the clorox in place to do it's job. less water and a little less clorox probably will work OK but the Mr clean or equivalent is critical to create the film. Apply the mixture with a soaked cloth and leave it for about 1/2 hr. Repeat the process a second time and scrub really bad area with this brush. The brushing breaks the surface film and helps the mixture do it's job. Leave the solution in place for about another 1/2 hr. Then rinse it off really good.

Now mildew prevention - I have read that coating the surface with a soap film containing "borate" will prevent mildew growth. I'll try it this coming winter as part of my winter storage. I have not yet found a liquid soap containing "borate". I'm thinking of desolving "Borax brand" powder laundry soap in hot water to create a good liquid solution, then putting it into a small pump bottle.

Caution about bleach (clorox). It will bleach the color (and strength) out of any cloth material. Keep it away from any cloth items like preservers, flags,etc. Check the carpeting for stability. Vinyl (like the cushions) should be OK.

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there is a mildew remover - I think we got it at boater's world - Starbrite makes it...prevent mildew by using 303 protectant - great stuff on sunbrella - google it.

good luck

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