1987 75hp Mariner Issues


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1987 75hp Mariner Issues

I have an '87 75hp mariner that I've been having issues with. When I'm cruising around the lake after a few mins the engine starts to starve for fuel. I pump the primer and it corrects the problem. I've already had 3 different primers and am now on the 4th. Also had the fuel pump rebuilt last year by a certified boat maint. shop. The problem was still there after the fuel pump was rebuilt. It will usually crank up and idle fine, but when under power is usually when it happens. It doesn't happen every single time I'd say about 80% of the time it will cut out and try to die. The spark plugs are new and are getting plenty of spark. I replaced the fuel filter as well with one of those little glass see through ones. I've noticed when the motor starts cutting out, I have opened up the motor case and only see the fuel filter about 1/4 full. When I kill the motor and pump the bulb, it fills up like normal again. I've checked the tank vents and it seems to be fine, also replaced the fuel line as well. Any suggestions?
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Fuel starvation

Possibly the vent in the gas tank is blocked. But then I notice you fixed this.

Perhaps water in fuel or some other impurity???

Likely the carb needs to be rebuilt, or at least dissassembled soaked in gunk for a few hours, rinsed, blown out,and re-assembled. A peice of dirt or accumulated resin in the passages will do this - it MUST be soaked. New parts are not usually required.


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well....i thought it may be the vent also..i just received a new tempo permanent gas tank yesterday and installed it and filled it with fresh fuel, hooked up the motor flusher and cranked and it ran great...hopefully will get out soon to test it....
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Did you get a new hose from the tank to the motor. I have had them go bad with age.

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ya i got the new hose from tank 2 motor along with the primer bulb

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