Am I being ripped off? {Boat Engine Damage}


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Am I being ripped off? {Boat Engine Damage}

I brought my boat in to be winterized last year (I live in Massachusetts) by my local dealer on November 8th. Today, when I was scheduled to pick it up out of storage, the mechanic told me that when he started the engine there was water coming out of it (he didn't say where).

He indicated that since I brought it in on Nov 8th it had probably froze last winter and maybe cracked the block. I checked the historical weather data from NOAA and found that prior to Nov 8th the temperature had only dipped below 32 degrees once for 4 hours. Now he tells me that he has to pull the engine to determine the cause of the leak. So my questions are:

1) If the engine block cracked in November, shouldn't it have been leaking back then when he winterized it?

2) Is a short 4 hours of 29 degree temperature really enough to crack a block?

3) Is pulling the engine really the only way to test for the leak (minimum 3 hours - $250 - thank you)?

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Hello: Peter

Lots of premature assumptions being made. Not as likely to have a cracked engine block as it would be to have a cracked and or damaged hose or some water cooling part(s).

Engines have freeze plugs in the blocks and heads, etc. which are designed to leak first or pop out during freezing conditions. Those should be checked second, after first checking for leaks and or conditions on more common part(s) (water pumps, hoses, etc.) and areas which would cause or have a leak.

Knowing the exact location of a water leak does not always require engine removal. All depends upon where the leak is, how big of a leak, etc. Lots of assumptions based upon little specific information. Use the reply button to add more specific & detailed info when known.

Regards, Good Luck & Safe Boating.
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Cracked block?

Not likely possible at those temperatures, especially for that duration, takes that long to make JELLO.

I acquired a used v8 that had a cracked block. It lowered the water level in the tank about 1 gallon every 4 hours of driving.

I rebuilt the engine and then found the crack, which was in the valley under the intake manifold, about 3" long and carbon encrusted.

Suggestions by moderator are most appropriate for a possible leak.

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