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First Timer

I'm going to take the boat out for the first time this weekend. The previous owner showed me the basics, but I have a question regarding the gas can. The gas line has a squeeze ball in the line. After the line is attached to the engine do I squeeze this several times to prime the engine? If so, how many times?

Please explain the complete procedure.


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There should be an arrow on the bulb.

This indicates the direction of flow of the fuel, ie from the gas supply to the engine. The bulb is a little pump that moves the fuel to the carb. There I believe fuel fills the carbuerator bowl, when that is done no more fuel can enter; so the bulb therefore becomes hard and that is where you stop.

From that point you startup procedure is to use choke to get a rich fuel mix down the carb throat for initial (cold) starting.

Important point to remember is NO fuel spills in a boat.

Perhaps other readers can suggest other fuel safety concerns here.

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Its all like said . Put the line on the motor pump the bulb till its firm and a little choke then turn the motor over. If to much choke you can flood the motor Fill all gas cans on the dock not in the boat.

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Thank you!


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