OMC cobra not starting


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Question OMC cobra not starting

I have an 1990 OMC cobra in a 19.2 foot reinell that will not start. I have replaced the starter solenoid, relay, and 50A fuse. I also have the battery fully charged. When I turn the keys to acc then the dash gauges turn on, when I turn it to start position I get nothing. not a whine or any sound. Where do I go from here?
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NO start

Examine Electric connections before purchase of parts -

1. Sandpaper clean battery posts and cable connectors - apply dielectric grease and recconnect
2. Check for corrosion at battery cable ends (Green or Grey Stuff), if present cut cable back to clean copper wire and re connect
3. Usually a bad ground connection at the engine block - Wire brush or sandpaper block area and connection end (Batt grnd to block) and reconnect
4. You have already cleaned the relay connection(s)?
5. Is there a fusible link on that thing??

I have recurring problems with autos in this area, unless I do these steps in spring and fall.
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Exclamation Fuseable link?

Before I had this starting problem I lost power to my trim/tilt button. I opened up the area of my throttle and found a bare wire caused by the wire rubbing against the pivot point of the throttle. The wires were still sound enough that I taped it back up. Then I tryed to start it and I got nothing for power in the starter area. I have since done all the other things mentioned. All connections are good. I wouldn't know where to begin to check for a fuseable link. need help because I really don't want to take it in to have it fixed because that will cost me more.
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I am not sure but there might be a safety switch in the shifter that prevents you from starting engine when in gear.It might be worth checking out if your problems started in the shifter. Good luck
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No power

Determine if power is at the ignition switch?

Just use a test lamp, with pointy end on a terminal on that switch that should have a red, wire and clamp on good ground.

I had a connection at an ammeter that burned a wire thru or/burned the ammeter, and it was this particular wire. I do not remember if the accessories worked, but I think they did. The ammeter had been added into the circuit by someone else. (not original equipment)

There were the same NO power indications you are getting.

Frustrated .. yes I was.

From a GM manual "some circuits are protected by fusible links. The links are used in circuits that are not ordinarily fused, such as the ignition circuit.
Although the fusible liks appear to be of a heavier gauge than the wire the are protecing, the appearance is due to the thick insulation. All fusible links are four wire gauges smaller than the wire they are designed to protect.
Fusible links cannot be repaired, but a fusible link of the same size wire can be put in its place. " (ie replace the fuse)

In other words this is a short peice (6" or so?) of lighter gauge wire that is inserted somewhere along the ignition wire to protect just that circuit. It is a type of fuse - the light wire overheats and the insulation burns off at that point. That is how I have found them, looking along the wires that may lead to the ignition switch.
I found them not too far from the battery, and Not behind the dash in an auto.
Perhaps start at the batt with the test lamp and keep probing the ignition wire until you find the point at which there is no power. Unless you can get an electrical diagram for that system.

Bad problem in a boat - it will simply stop.

Hope this helps you...


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