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New Boater

I just enjoyed my first weekend with a pre-owned boat I purchased. The boat is an 18 foot Glastron, with a 140 hp Johnson outboard. Overall, I thought the first trip was successful.

When I pulled the boat out of the water onto the trailer, I was a bit surprised at the amount of water that drained when I pulled the drain plug. Is it normal to have a lot water drain when this plug is pulled? Water continuously poured out of the plug opening for about 60 seconds

The boat seemed to perform well during operation. There is also a switch on the driver controls to turn on a bilge pump. Should I occasionally run this pump?
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Your boat should not "leak" any water. You will get some water inside when swimmers/skiiers climb in and drip water inside, but you should not be taking on any water through the hull.

The next time you put the boat in the water look for where the water may be coming in. I have often seen leaks in the transom around where the motor mounts.
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Another Outing

Thanks Pilot Dane.

I just took the boat out again. This time the boat drained about 1/2 gallon of lake water after 6 hours of boating.

After further examination I am confident that the hull is not leaking. I think I am getting water from one of two places.

1) There is a flat lid (about 3 inches in diameter) that screws flush with the bottom of transom well. When I unscrewed the lid I noticed that there was not an o-ring to make the lid seal tightly. This could be a source of the water.


2) There are two holes in the side of the fiberglass that have controll cables running to the motor. The larger and higher hole has some sort of boot fitted over the cables, to make the hole delivering the cables water tight, but the lower and smaller hole has bare cables, but no boot. This smaller hole is about 1 inch in diameter with two small cables. I noticed when the boat is slowed, or stopped, there is a small wave that rushes against the back of the boat. This wave is momentarily high enough to reach the exposed small hole that is missing a boot. I think I need to have some sort of boot installed.
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Boats always get water in them from some source. I have experience with boats from 63 ft twin diesel powered monsters to my little canoe. Good detective work on your part! Make sure your bilge pump has an automatic float switch installed directly to your battery so that it comes on when you are not paying attention.

As Pilot Dane said, you will always get water in the boat from swimmers, splashing, dripping PFDs, etc. but definitely keep a sharp eye out for missing O rings and boots. A boat has no brakes but the water and as you have found out, when you slow down to a stop, your wake catches up with you and sloshes water up the transom. Definitely replace or reseal the boot that is missing. Seal it with a good quality marine grade sealant (not household caulk.)

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