Trailer Wheel Bearing blew?


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Trailer Wheel Bearing blew?

On my way home today from the lake, the trailer for our 18' boat, sprung a "leak" in the wheel bearing. There is grease thrown over every inch of the wheel hub, which leads me to believe that the bearings have blown, but I'm not sure. Of course, the easiest thing to do is to repair it while the boat is in the water, but now that I am home, I am not at all comfortable towing the boat & trailer anywhere, until this is fixed. I have never fixed one of these before, but I desperately want to figure everything out on it, especially since this is ONLY THE SECOND TIME WE HAVE HAD THE BOAT OUT SINCE WE BOUGHT IT, FOR SALE BY OWNER!! I will continue to do some research, but if there are some simple instructions out there to get this fixed, I would greatly appreciate your help to find them. Thanks! Sean
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Servicing wheel bearings is a simple job if you have mechanical experience.

What you need to do is jack up the trailer and safely block it to be able to remove both wheels.
It's best to do one side at a time.
Remove the dust cap from the hub, remove the cotter pin and then unscrew the nut that holds the hub onto the axle.
You then need to remove the hub making sure you do not drop the outer bearing in the dirt.
Then you will need to drive out the seal to be able to remove the inner bearing.
With clean rags wipe out all of the grease from everything.
The bearings likely need replacing but at this stage you can examine them for signs of overheating which would show up as discoloration and/or a burnt smell to the grease.
You will need to replace the seal as this is where the grease likely came out and if you are going to replace the bearings you will need to drive the bearing races out of the hub.

If you wish to do this jusk ask and I'll go on.

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