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We have a 1968 26FT Sabercraft Express cruiser that we have been trying to replace the exhaust manifold. It keeps leaking sea water from between the Head and the manifold. We have replaced the gasket, however it still leaks at the rear. Any thoughts on this? It is a 318 Chrysler engine. By the way, this has been our year of reinventing the wheel with this boat! Ah the joys of wooden boats!
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That's a good one.
The aft mounting bolts for the manifold on the cylinder head are drilled into the
water passages. You will need to stud and locktite the threads. this will prevent water from seeping down the threads and leaking into the boat or worse gettting into the engine through the exhaust. That can cause serious engine damage.
Also be warned..
Exhaust manifolds corrode and plug up very fast, especially when NOT run frequently.
Their life expectancy is 4-5 years.
Please let me help. I have a love of chrysler
products. Scott

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Thanks for the reply. I am really having a time with this. Wouldn't this water be antifreeze water, not sea water to be leaking where you are indicating? There is no antifreeze water is leaking. This is a new Osco brand manifold, riser and elbow. It had several plugs to put in before installing. I think it may be the nipple for the sea water hose from the heat exchanger. Whats your thought? Gary
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Gary, It may be the fitting was overtighted and caused a small crack. There have been
warnings of this shipped with manifolds recently. Probably due to the lighter castings. It could also be a porosity in the casting itself.
There should be a three year warranty on that product from OSCO. I would rompve the riser and cap off the area so you can
pressure ck it. Yes the area i spoke of earlier would leak coolant on a fresh water cooled engine. Are the manifolds fresh water or raw water cooled (blocking plates
installed between man. & elbow?)

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