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The Boat Shop is Open for Business.

Come on in.. ask away.. lets get
that old boat out of the garage.
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Hello and Welcome:
Boat Mechanic

Glad to know there is a doctor on board this ship. Hopefully, as the boating season comes upon us, many will find your forum.

Then you can help all boaters in need, to obtain the skills & knowledge needed to get there vessels in tip top shape and water tight.

Good Luck,

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I've been observing two major boat projects from a distance. Have yet to talk to either owner. One is refitting a large wooden boat to the specs of the one from Jaws. The other is building a metal boat of the same approximate size. What are the benefits/disadvantages/costs of metal/wood/fiberglass in making a boat? Which is the easiest for a novice in all three types of repair to work on? I can weld metals, have built my own cabinets, and can do minor fiberglass repairs and fabrications as a baseline for my skills.

I would like to have a nice 40 footer myself and wouldn't mind spending 2 or 3 years in building it and learning boatcrafting while I'm at it...or would it be easier to get an existing craft with a sturdy, pro-checked hull and refurbish the interior?? Can one sheath the outside of a wooden hull with metal or fiberglass for extra sturdyness?

Lotsa questions but with the right answers I believe I can go far :-)

All DIY projects should come with a bottle of Advil ;-)
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It sounds like you have the ambition and the
skill. All you need now is a boat.
Yes I would recommend upgrading an existing hull. You get a good head start so you wont
get discouraged and quite often you get
wood that wouldnt be available anymore.
a good structure will last lifetimes.
what area, environment will you be in?
lets open this up in a new topic so others can read along! scott
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I am guessing you are Scott. I am the one with the mercruser you awnsered a few days ago. go to prop won't turn and read my reply if you would be so kind. Thanks <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BoatMech:
The Boat Shop is Open for Business.

Come on in.. ask away.. lets get
that old boat out of the garage.


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