Looking for a cheap runabout


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Looking for a cheap runabout

I'm looking for a cheap (under 1,500) open bow. I can do most work myself, but was wondering if anyone has any advice or ideas on what NOT to jump into. I'd like to be at least early 80's or so, I/O. I know most people would say just buy a newer boat, but it's not in the budget right now. Thanks
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It would seem an I/O would be much more expensive to repair/restore than an outboard - I would stick to outboard for that budgetary reason alone.

Otherwise for safety I believe the longer (and therefore wider) the boat the better. I feel 16' length is a minimum.

That said, adequate power for the size boat is also a factor. I feel 100 hp or more is best for 16' + .

With a choice between fibreglass or aluminum, I would now pick aluminum. I think it is a much lighter boat overall and easily repainted and refurbished.

I would be pleased to hear comments relating to these issues from any forum readers!

A site to view for restorations of Crestliner hulls in this category, as well as classified ads and a forum is at



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