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I have a '84 Suzuki 85hp on a 16 foot fiberglass bass boat. It just got rebuilt 3 months ago. I never ran it before it got rebuilt. I can only get 35 mph out of it on a good, no wind day, with the trim just perfect. It seams like I should have a little more top end with an 85hp motor. Am I wrong, or do you have any suggestions?
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Sounds like you are down a cylinder.
check the compression first but ill bet you have an ignition coil out and you are running on two cyls.
Be careful when checking the spark.
leave all the plugs in and vent the area of gas vapors well before putting an old plug on each wire and cranking the engine looking at the exposed plug for spark.
That boat should get 5000 rpm and run 45 with a 21" prop. Light load of course.
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Are you sure the boat is planing if not you would be hitting about this speed... It should just glide over the water with little drag...
Check it out It makes the boat plane easier... it really works...
Good luck,

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