What value is it ?????


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Through a building transaction, I have found myself to be the owner of a 1966 (I think)
Larson Canteskuya, with a 90HP Johnson
Model V4ML-1OS. It has not been used in 4 years, but owner said it ran when they shut it off. Said lubricant was put into the motor and fuel lines to keep from freezing up. I was wondering if you could give me a rough value of boat and motor. This is one area I am not familar with. Thanks alot.
Jack the contractor
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What a great old motor!
is it electric or manual shift?
if it was here in Californiam it would probably bring, in good hull condition, 1800 to 2000$ with the trailer.
possibly more if its really clean.
good gelcoat/ compressions.
hope thats what you wanted to hear. : )
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It is an electric shift. Also the boat is in good shape, but is oxidized. What is the best to remove the oxidation. Will probably have a few more questions also as time goes on. Thanks. Yes, you gave me the answer I had hoped for. Oh by the way, the trailer is a tandem axle, with the back half of the trailer a tilt. This may add a little also ?
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Good for you!
The gelcoat should clean up nicely with a little polishing compound and elbow grease.
If its oxidized very deep it may need a machine finish.
Metal Flake?

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