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I just bought a fiberglass rowing shell and need to do some TLC to get it up to par. A couple of questions: 1.) I need to strengthen a couple of spots on interior of the hull .. can I get buy with spreading some fiberglass resin or do I need to use the fiberglass tape? 2.) How do I get paint off of the exterior of the hull? I think there is a gel coat layer over the fiberglass. 3.) What is the best way to paint the interior of the hull? It is not polished. Thanks. Tom
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You will need to strengthen your resin with some cloth in the cracked areas. maybe more if its in a critical area of the supports?
2) how much paint are we talking about?
there are some liquid strippers available but they are pretty caustic to the environment so i would sand it if possible and gather the shavings for proper disposal.
the gel coat is going to stay.
3)use a fiberglass primer before painting the interior with a marine epoxy, it flows the best with a brush. You can spray it too
if you have the means. Test an area first to make sure you have removed all the parafin from the resin and mold release from the original layup.
good luck.. scott
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