Johnson 200 HELP?


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Red face Johnson 200 HELP?

First problem we had was debris in the gas tank, so we replaced the main filler hose, and cleaned the tank out. Replaced the water separator, then we changed the fuel pump and filter, and then the spark plugs.

Also the reason why we changed the fuel pump was because it was out dated and cracked, we did NOT change the ball, seems ok.

Then we changed the water pump
We changed the water pump because we got the over heating alarm, and when we took the old one out, we could see it was badly needed, also... there are no thermostats, someone took them out, the guy said the boat didn't need them! should we add them? he said it was just something to get clogged up.

Besides the thermostats, what else to check to see why boat wont pick up speed.. could it be just the thermostats? could that possibly be the reason?

Last time we had it out, on high idle at the dock, water was coming out the pee good, and some water was coming out the exhaust, is that normal?

Problem: the motor sounds jittery , wont go up on plain, but idles ok, when cold it stalls on idle.
hubby checked the spark, and got zapped all 6 times, so we think they are in working order.
What else to check, we'd like to get over the no/wake speed

Thanks so much in advance for any help given !
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Low power

Now, do a compression test.

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Sounds like trash in carbs. Did you try pushing in the choke/primer while trying to accelerate? If the motor picks then you need to rebuild carbs.Thermostats are necessary. They control the water flow for proper engine temperature. Without them water would flow too fast through the block, thus not allowing the water to pull the heat from the block,and possibly cause an overheating problem.
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loss of power

hello! yes. first things first compression test! as for the thermostats they are very important to keep your engine running at the propper temp at idle and wot.serious engine damage will result! let us know on the comp check. paul

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