volvo 2.3 putting boat in gear, jerks and shuts off.


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volvo 2.3 putting boat in gear, jerks and shuts off.

Bayliner 1987, 2.3 Volvo Penta AQ131A and Volvo 275 stern drive. Recently got the boat have done alot of work on it. When I got the boat the idle was very high. Took it to the shop past monday, got the boat back yesterday. He fixed my idle timing check my fluids and cooling system. He put the boat in gear and he said it was fine. Ran perfect. Went to the lake today for the first time. It floats, first good news. Took me a few minutes to get it running, sounded really good was happy at the time. Put the boat in reverse. I got this huge jerk and the engine cut out. Put the boat in forward big jerk and engine cut out. One of the times trying to put in it reverse it jerked pretty hard and worked for a few minutes. Put it in forward jerked and cut off. The last time i put it in forward and it cut off, I went to turn the engine over again with no luck. Jumped into the water swam over to the dock with a rope and pull the boat to dock, and then put the thing on the trailer. Very confused. The machanic said it ran in gear fine and said it was good. I dont understand what this problem could be. Any advice would help out alot. Thanks.


*EDIT* When I say I tried to turn the motor over and failed. I mean it would even turn. It did nothing. All other things worked, lights, trim.... blah blah blah HELP!

THanks again.

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You will have to take the plugs out of the engine and turn the engine over to blow the water out of the cylynders. If you are going forward and crank it into reverse real fast it will suck water into the engine.

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