Boat Trailer Lights


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Boat Trailer Lights

I'm trying to replace the lights on my boat trailer. I bought a kit at a store and hung them per the instructions and they didn't work. I figured they weren't making ground so I ground down the trailer where they mounted to bright shiny metal. But they still don't work.

The only thing that works is the side marker lights, and only on 4 way flash. The side markers don't work on turn signals, or when the lights are on. The other lights don't work at all. The switch at the back of the car tests ok on all circuits. The wires at the junction before the lights test dead. But the side marker wire tests dead when it's on turn signal, and I know it works on 4 way, so I don't believe there's anything wrong with the other wires either.

These problems are always a bad ground, but after grinding to bare metal and attaching the ground wire to the stainless portion of the trailer hitch, I'm at a loss what to check next.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Just a thought. When you tested wiring harness at back of vehicle did you use the chase as a ground or the white wire in the harness. if you used the chase you might have a bad vehicle ground. Good luck. MIKE
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Boat Lights

I don't know what you mean by "chase". I used the stud on the back of the side marker light as the ground. Since they worked on 4 way flash the ground must be ok.
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Your side markers should not come on when you activate the flasher. Your flasher should operate your turn/brake lights. Your side markers and the rear running lights should be on when you put on your car running lights. I would start with you car side connector and work you way back.
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Trailer lights

Did you get the correct kit? One type is for a towing vehicle that has signal lights that are on the same bulb as the brake lights. The other has seperate
turn signal bulbs on the towing vehicle.

I brought the ground wire from the car to the (white) wire on the connector and then to all the lights - ie an extra wire instead of grounding to the trailer , to avoid the loss of ground problem you cited.

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