Water in oil


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Water in oil

I recently purchased 1989 Baja, with 4.3 liter OMC outdrive. I took it out for the first time, and came back with large amounts of water in the oil.
I changed the oil that night and took it out the next day, only to have the same problem.
Other than that the engine runs great. Any advice would be greatly appriciated.
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Id say dont run it till you get the headgasket looked at and the block for a crack.

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Yup, Something un cool happened to your block. DO NOT RUN it. You will cause more damage. A compression test will tell you if the heads/gaskets are good. If you have a block crack, consider a 5.0 or 5.7 for the replacement and join the "fast" crowd.
If you are not a mechanic or mechanically inclined, find someone who is. It could save you $$$ in the long run.
Also, just how long did you run it with water in the oil? You may have wiped your journal bearings.
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You might also want to check the exhaust system.
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Back in the late 80s OMC had a problem with the cylinder walls being compromised by corrosion, allowing water into the oil. This was mostly on their 4 cylinder engine but it happened on others as well. the exhaust risers and manifolds are the other major culprits of this problem, as papasmurf said. The head gasket speaks for itself, obviously. Get it checked out
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Just an update, finished changing head gaskets and one of them is badly burned. Hope this fixes it!
Thanks for all the replys

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