Need a New GPS


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Need a New GPS

Well my truck was broken into and my GPS stolen. That and about $1.48 cents in change among other worthless items. The thing that bothers me is that whomever the dirtbag was who did this probably has no idea what a GPS even is, and just took it because it looked like something they could pawn. They even took my wife's Marriott Rewards card, apparently thinking it was a credit card.

It wasn't a new GPS, but one that I've used for many years: Back when I had a boat, then I transferred it to the truck after the divorce and the fishing boat went away. It was a Garmin GPS152 which had a plotter and was great for the boat, but did not have roads, etc mapped in. So it worked fine for the truck, but not quite designed for road and highway use. Anyone have any experience with newer GPS models with roads and maps included in the plotter? I'm shopping for a new one but don't want to spend a fortune, obviously. The insurance company is only going to give me a fraction of things as you know.
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I recently upgraded to a Garmin 60cs which has mapping features.
It seems to really know its way around when on the highway and takes you within a few feet of your destination.

Mine was fairly expensive because it has a barometric altimeter, a magnetic compass and a color screen but for less than $300.00 US you can get the basic 60c model.

Click image:
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Any questions just ask.

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