water getting into my 3.0 volvo penta


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water getting into my 3.0 volvo penta

I found water in my oil last year and took my boat to my mechanic. He pulled the head, had it magnafluxed, (no cracks), planed, and replaced the head with a new gasket. It ran fine for two weeks this year, and now I have water coming in again. Can anybody direct me in the right direction? I dont want to spend another $1200 for something that wont fix the problem.
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Head gasket(s)

Replace the gasket(s) yourself.

If this was an aluminum head .. advice given to me was to always get an exchange head, since efforts to reuse the old one are not reliable.

You could simply replace the gaskets again yourself since all available means to seat the head and ensure against cracks were done. May stand up this time, make sure all head bolts are tightened to at least the torque values stated in the MANUAL for that engine at each stage of the tightening sequence. (a bolt not torqued up could do this so retorque the head as it is now to check for it)

Suitable torque wrenchs are available in 1/2" drive to 120 ft lbs for under $30
Perhaps you will need a special socket for the head bolt though.
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Just had the same problem with with my 4.3 liter OMC. Changed the head gaskets, and feel like I have it fixed. Ran it all weekend drained the oil and no water. then I read your post and don't feel so confident. I would like to hear what you find out. Justin Hutchison
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water getting into my volvo penta 3.0

Here's an update. I found a mechanic who is going to test my engine using compressed air. He says he will be able to tell exactly where the water is getting in. He believes it is the exhaust system that is the culprit.
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Exhaust manifold

I have water in my oil also. I have just ordered a new manifold because water was going through it into the intake. Hopefully this will solve my problem. If you have solved your, please e-mail me @ [email protected]

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