Outboard motor won't lift up for transport. How do I get it to stay up?


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Question Outboard motor won't lift up for transport. How do I get it to stay up?

Hello everyone! I am new to boating...a friend gave me a boat, a 1968 Thunderbird cathedral hull with a Evinrude 140 outboard. We got it on the trailer yesterday and today I went to bring it home. Unfortunately, the engine was left down and the rudder is hitting the ground when I try to drive it. we hooked a battery up to the boat and tried to get the thing to move, but it didn't do anything. Is there a way to get it to the transporting position manually? I didn't see any pins holding it down, but I did see the shocks for it. I might be able to get the nuts off of them, but I don't know if that will work. I even tried to take off the rudder, but I could'nt get all the nuts off of it. HELP!! I don't know what I am doing, but I am learning, and am very interested in getting started in this boating thing. Thanks in advance.
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I've never been around a 140 that is that old. But, one thing you might look for is a valve to bypass the hydraullics. Look for a funny shaped slotted screw head on the side of the transom bracket (the bracket that bolts the motor to the boat). If it is there, you can unscrew it a ways; this opens the valve. Then lift the motor manually (it'll be heavy!!).

This is only a guess. I haven't been around boats for 10 years.
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What year motor? If the TNT is located between the clamp brackets then there is a manual release valve, probably on the stbd bracket.
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Thanks for the input guys! I will look and see tomorrow...
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Hey, I checked with the local boat shop today about raising that engine, and they said what Phil H said and was able to show me on an engine where it was. The slotted screw was stuck, going back tomorrow with some spray and tools, and there was a pin that we took out also that holds the engine in different positions. God willing, we will get this boat home!

Thanks Phil,

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You may want to double check the bolts you took out trying to take the "rudder" off. It sounds like you were trying to pull the lower unit off.
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got it home

praise the Lord, I got the boat home. we were able to hook the motor up to a battery and the engine went right up with the push of a button. the other day when I did that, I didn't have those particular wires hooked to the battery...ROOKIE! Anyway, I am glad it's home. Now I get to explore the joys of gel coating and outboard engines

Thanks for the input folks!
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Check the pump on the tilt unit,A lot of the old

ones had manual release screws,turn to release and lift by hand?(or shoulder)Cheers CD

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