Removing barnacles


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Removing barnacles

I have a small craft that was left in the water. It was removed and it's covered with barnacles. The main part of the barnacles was scraped off. ALl that remains is a thin layer of barnacle skins. It's a fiberglass boat.

I was considering using some kind of acid to make getting this off easier. Can anyone tell me what might remove it short of scraping and damaging the gel coat? It's not painted.
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Obviously you live near salt water.... If it was me... I'd call a local marine supply house for suggestions...

Any other reason for living on fresh water????
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Leaving a fiberglass boat in the water for en extended period of time can cause blistering of the gelcoat. It is best to have the bottom painted. Star Brite makes a product just for removing barnacles. Never used it but there should be other products at most marinas or marine supply stores in your area.
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Go for the scraping and then some sanding. Dont worry about the gel coat. When done give it a good 2 coats of a good bottom paint. Check on the paint you use some bottom paints have to go into the water right away. You dont get blisters on the boat from in the water. They come from a osmosis build up in the lay up of the glass when the boat is made. Some get it and some dont.
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