78 Evinrude 75 Hp Bogs Out/dies


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Question 78 Evinrude 75 Hp Bogs Out/dies

HELP!! Have a 1978 evinrude 75hp 3 cyl that won't rev up from an idle and when you try to accelerate it won't rev up and just creeps along. Occassionaly it will just take off like crazy then die within 2-3 minutes. Then it will just crank and crank and not fire at all. This has been to several dealers who all say it runs great for them at the shop, charge me a small fortune and I take the boat out and it won't run for anything. They claimed it was water in the take but Each time I've had it out I've dumped the tank and put fresh fuel in it. The plugs are burning clean and even. HELP?!?!?!?
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Have you tried to bump the choke while trying to accelerate?
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the fuel pump may be week, and the auto choke may not be working right. What did they say the compression was ?

This almost sounds like a bad gasket some where, said almost,

is the impeller working good, good kewling and the thermastat working right ?

Hows the mixture on the fuel ? what oil you use ? I found that quicksilver was good mixing with those older motors,

I had this same problem on a johnson 3cylinder about the same year, But I had a different problem, but acted the same, what I had was I had a tiny crack in the block, was hard to see. Low pressure, would eb hard to start and then it would run just like you said, then go good for a few minutes then die. I sealed it with jb weld and the thing ran good.

But I was in a small river and didnt mind if it failed, I got my $200 out of that summer.

Now something up with these mechanics who have worked on it, are they using your tank ? is ther hand pumper staying pumped up ?

Did you try another tank ?


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