Speedboat or Powerboat?


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Matt M
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Speedboat or Powerboat?

I realise this will seem like a stupid question for experienced boaters but for a novice like myself not so. Could somebody please tell me if there is a difference between a speedboat and a powerboat and if you have a licence for one can you drive the other?
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No difference.... unless, perhaps, you have a low powered powerboat (not very speedy)... I'm not aware of any licensing requirements for adults in any state yet (may be some, but I"m not aware of them) - though there should be. Everywhere I've lived - any idiot could buy a new 500hp monster and hit the water, not knowing where the throttle is..
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Id say for get the name there. Its just what do you want to do with the boat to have fun. That will tell you how big and fast you want it to go speed or power. You might look into sail boats. Hay you can buy beer for you and not gas for the boat that way.

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Boat poor.... beer rich!

Got the sailboat.........competition ski boat.............fishing boat..........canoe............and waverunner..... and all of them cost $$$$$$ to keep running properly.

But the wife works for Anheuser Busch...... that's a freebie...
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Speedboat or Powerboat

speed boats are just that made for speed most are two seaters unless you get up to the big boy the cigarette but for most part built for speed . were the power boat gives you the four or more seats cabins and play toys for your girl to use
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All speed boats are power boats, but not all power boats are speed boats.

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