Bottomed Out


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Bottomed Out

I was travelling at 3/4 throttle in my boat with a Johnson 40 hp Super Sea Horse. I hit bottom in a mud flat that i didn't see. The engine flew up out of the water. Now the boat will only go at a very slow speed. The more throttle I give it the slower it goes.

I hope the damage is to the propeller but I don't know. Everything looks ok. Any ideas on what this would have damaged? And how much is involved in fixing it.


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Should be a simple matter to check the prop for damage....

Sounds like the prop hub may be slipping on the shaft, which is reasonably typical for your type of accident. Might be the shear pin, or might be the rubber hub has come apart from the prop itself.

First thing I would check is the shear pin. If it is intact, put the motor in gear (not running) and try to turn the prop. If it turns - your rubber hub has come apart (probably). This can be repaired... but with the price of replacement aluminum props as low as they are.... I'd buy a new one... (always nice to have a spare prop around anyway).

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yeps, i done this before

my rubber hub, aka clutch sometimes called in the prop, failed.

does it seem like the engine starts to rev higher but not go faster, this was my clear sign.

and if the prop is bent up, will also reduce speed.

If you dont have a spare prop to quickly determine thats the only issue, which it sounds like that it is.

then perhaps pick up a new one or used one.

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Check and make sure the water intake isn't clogged with sand/mud. If you have a good stream of water out of the witness hole, it should be clear. You may want to keep an eye on it anyway. Your water pump impeller and housing can wear real fast if a bunch of sand goes through it.

Don't worry about using you prop for a depth sounder. We all do it at one tome or another.

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