leaking boat


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leaking boat

I have a 14' mirrocraft aluminum fishing boat. I think a have a leak underneath the skid plate of the boat. The plate is about three inches wide and is welded to the center of the boat on the bottom side. I assume that is used as extra protection against scrapes on the bottom and that sort of thing. The leak appears to be near the end of the plate. The location from inside the boat is in a storage area near the front. The floor in this area appears to have thin metal pop riveted to the bottom and sides. The side area is filled with floatation and I am guessing that the bottom rivets are into a support channel. I am considering removing the four rivets to get a better view of the leak area. Removing the skid plate looks like it would be a major job with all the welds that are involved. Any ideas or input would be appreciated.
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I dont understand by your discription whether or not you can see and get to the hole without doing the things you mention? If you can see and get to the leak without removing rivets or the plate you mention then sand,clean and dry the area and apply JB WELD. If the other is the case then I would drill out the rivets and if you can get to it that way do the same steps as above with the JB WELD. You can buy a rivet gun and rivets pretty cheap at wallmart. Dont get the fast drying JB WELD it sits up on you too fast. Get the old original JB WELD and go by what the instructions say for curing time. Ive owned a few aluminum boats in my time and JB WELD will do the trick.
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Thanks for the information. I thought about using fiberglass mat and resin, JB would be an easier fix. I did drill the rivets and removed the panel. I hope I can determone exact location of leak.
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To find the exact location of the leak, I usually fill the inside of the boat with some water and watch where it comes out.

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