Replacing seats in boat


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Replacing seats in boat

I am removing the seats from my boat.I have the dual seats, 1 forward 1 rear. I would like to replace the seats with individual seats. What is the best way to anchor the seats to the wooden/fiberglass floor?
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it depends on what you've got for room under the floor. I assume that you cannot access the floor from underneath ( via a panel such as ski storage ). The major chain hardware stores sell some really good blind fasteners that will give you an anchor point to tap into, but the best bet is to use something I've forgotten the name of. Basically what it is, is a threaded tube with a flat ring around one end of it with 3 barbs that sink into and grip the backside of whatever it is you are bolting into. Quite slick actually, but you need to be able to get to the backside of the panel to use them. It's a nice permanent mount for boat seat pedastles if you are installing a new floor and think enough ahead to install them.

Otherwise, I've seen people use a piece of wood to mount the seat to, and then screw the wood to the floor and then carpet over the wood. Not nearly as professional looking, but it gets the job done.

What's most important is, what are we working with?

In my case, I've got a trihull Glastron, and the tunnel of the hull runs all the way to the back of the boat on both sides and literally contacts the floor, so I can't just nilly willy drill a hole in the floor, or I'll end up with a 17ft anchor.

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