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fish finder

I want to buy a color fish finder, not to find fish but to have a better idea of what the contour of
the bottom looks like. I have a depth sounder that goes off if i come into an area that is lower than
what it is set for. When that happens i do not know to go to the port or starboard direction. I feel a fish finder will give me a better idea of where to go.
Does anyone have a fish finder they like?
Does anyone have one I should not buy ?
Could I buy a used one ?
Does anyone know about how much of the bottom that they are able to see ?
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Most fishfinders display a two dimentional picture of the bottom. Meaning they display a line across the screen that goes up and down following the lake bottom. Imagine that you are sitting in a chair on the lake bottom looking straight ahead at the distant "horizon" it just rises and falls, sort of how most finders work. There is no way of knowing the bottom contour to the left or right with these machines. I used to have a Humminbird 3D unit that did show more of the kind of picture that you are looking for, their current 3D model (Matrix 47 3D)sells for around $500 . Also keep in mind that a color unit is going to cost quite a bit more and I don't know of a color 3D machine. As far as brand Lowrance is considered top of the line but you can't go wrong with any of the big names.
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i have a humminbird legend 3000 that i just got and love it,not color but is wide and shows the bottom great.if it was me i would look at Lowrance,humminbird, a google search for color fish finders.
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Hello: John

What you want is not that difficult to find. The ads in google and related ads on this page, upon the first visit, advertise fish finders. The related ads provide many links. West Marine, nation wide retailer "Big Box" store also have about all brands and models. Call them at: 1-800-937-8238.

Depending upon you area and the season, the boat shows provide hundreds of manufacturers too. Great place to visit to find all boating and navigation equipment...... Also do an MSN search, keywords, fish finders.

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re fish finder

If it were me i would go to a Bass pro,Cabelas,or Scheels they have dang near all finders on display and they have on screen demos so you can see what they look like.

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