how do i do this?


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how do i do this?

I'm trying to build an antenna with a base section of pvc. I can use from
1/2" od to 1" od with no problems.

What I need to do is join a schedule 40 pvc nipple to a male 1"x14 threaded

I don't believe any std pipe thread and size will match up with that.

If it won't, I thought about using 3/4" pvc and running a tap into the open
end, and then screwing that down onto the male mounting stud (the 1" x 14).

Is a 1"x14 tap fairly common? Will my way work?

Anyone have an easier way?
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You didn't say how long the PVC was going to be. PVC pipe is not that strong and since this post is in the Boating section, I assume it will be outside. PVC is not UV friendly. It will split or break after a short amount of time.
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Like majakdragon said the PC has to be U/V Or it wont last out on a boat Think pc the GREY kind that they have for the electric conduit work. Its U/V , Id also get it in SCH 80.

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You can buy the swing base locking handle at any marine store for around 7 bucks .

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