25 hp yamaha - water pump / "wash" plug?


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Question 25 hp yamaha - water pump / "wash" plug?

I have a 25 HP yamaha that I bought used ( I got a good shellacking (sp?)).

It only runs when it wants to but my lates problem is that the water has stopped coming out of the back of the motor (to indicat that the pump is working - i don't know what this water stream indicator is called).

I assume this means my water pump is bad and must be replaced. Any ideas how hard this is? Do I take the lower unit off and find it in there?

Also there is a screw / plug just above the oil plug that is labeled "wash". What is this for ?

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David Tweedale
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First run the engine and poke a piece of wire up the hole of the 'tell tale' water jet. It could well be blocked with dried up seawead or somebody's floater you picked up while on the briney. If this fails, stop the engine before it overheats. Undo the bolts holding the lower leg and the long nut which connects the forward/reverse control (counting how many turns it took to come off) then remove the lower leg carefully.The water pump removal is all self evident from here. Take photos with your digi camera for reference then remove the pump, making sure you don't lose the woodruff drive key. If the drive shaft has corrosion, rub it off with emery cloth and grease it prior to sliding the pump off. Dont mess around with the impellor, get a new one. The housing may be ok. Use your initiative. If in doubt, get a new one. It won't fail then when you're five miles off shore and you want to run from a squall!When rebuilding, use proper marine grade grease to lube the splines, all bolts and anything that you've removed corrosion from. Not necessary to lube the impellor but it may go back together easier if you do. Make sure the blades face backwards to the direction of rotation.
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could the bilge pump have come loose and turned upside down?

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