Need advice on boat motor!! any help appreciated


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Need advice on boat motor!! any help appreciated

I was fixing to go wash my boat and on the side of the boat motor I used the switch to lift the motor for a few minutes, then when I went to lower the motor it would not lower at all
almost like it was stuck or something. I again tried and
the power was working because the motor was trying to lower but it just wouldn't....Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. The motor is only 2yrs old, and the up/down switch is on one side and again can't get the boat motor to lower....Thanks for any help you can give me....

semper Fi
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sounds as if you may have hit the metal motor totter that is built on the is a metal bracket that can be flipped to lock the motor from coming is close to where the trim cylander is hooked to the motor.
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Hello Okieppfishy. Welcome to the Boats, Sailing, Pwc's & Navigations topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

The oil pressurized hydraulic cylinders are dual sided push/pull feed. Which means there will be two hydraulic hoses to each.

In-line between the pump and the cylinders is an oil switching hydraulic valve. Inside it, the bar bell may be jammed to one side due to internal pitting. Causing the bar bell to hangup. (Not move to the other side.) More likely stuck on the engines safety lock.

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