Honda BF100 Outboard


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Honda BF100 Outboard

Having some problems with my outboard.It is a 83 10hp Honda.Runs very well but I am concerened about whether it will over heat.The pee hole stops peeing at higher RPM's.Is this normal?I had a hole in the exhaust and welded it up and put the head and everything back on and when I put the top cover back on it starts to bog down.I think it's sucking up the exhaust and choking.Any help would be most appreciated.
thanks guys
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Hello msbluebird71. Welcome to the Boats, Sailing, Pwc's & Navigations topic and the Do-It-Yourself Web Site.

The described condition is not all that uncommon. May be a small piece of debris in the hole or a spider web. Before suspecting the water pump to be the cause, try this.

Insert a pipe cleaner into the hole. Twist it around and pull it out. May removed whatever is in there. Than, while the engine is idling, do it again. May remove whatever it is.

If the engine is used or was used in salt water, the hole may have salt residue inside it or the water channels may have a buildup of salt residue.

If possible, mount the engine on a wooden horse with engine in a garbage can full of fresh water. Use salt away in the water. May help to run the engine than allow the engine to remain in the water over night. Than run and clean engine again.

All else fails, replace the pump and remove and clean/re-build the upper water pump that has the pee hole in it. Do not continue to run the engine in it's current condition.

A lack of full water flow at any engine speed can quickly cause over heating and severe engine damage. A rather costly repair or may result in unrepairable damages.

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