Outboard Engine Runs fine for awhile then wont idle


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Outboard Engine Runs fine for awhile then wont idle

I took the carberator and fuel pump apart and cleaned very well with spray and such. Also I cleaned out the fuel lines, gas can, gas can cap, and changed the spark plugs.

The engine fires up fine and runs great for an hour or two. Then when you try to start it, it all of a sudden acts like its not getting gas. I cant figure it out! The problem seems to be intermittent after it is run in spurts. Since the motor isnt run for long periods, I dont think its overheating.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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the outboard

Since I don't know what brand,what year ,what hp ,I can only assume. My knowledge is with the modern efi high hp models. It sounds like it may be in your carb. but for starters,have you de-carbonized your engine ? you do it by spraying into the carb throat,but the best way i like is add seafoam to the gas. You might try spraying gas from a windex bottle into the carb to see if it can run ,letting you know it is a fuel problem. Let me know the brand and such and i'll see what i can find out. bernie

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