trolling motor troubles


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trolling motor troubles

i just bought a brand new boat came with a bow mounted motor guide trolling motor.i put it down today in the yard just messing with it and now it wont go back matter how hard i pull the release string to release it, it wont budge. any one have any suggestions on what might be the problem.
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Anthony - It sounds to me like the dealer messed up the motor mount installation. Is it a foot or hand controlled motor?
I haven't owned a motor guide for quite a few years, but they used to have a pretty simply stow mechanism. When you pull the lift lanyard it disengages two spring operated latching pins that engage two notchs on the mount. A pretty simple and reliable design.
If the mount wasn't installed correctly the pins may be jamming in their slots. Check to see if they are moving when you pull the lanyard. If not , try loosening the mount bolts a little to see if that will free it up. If you screw around with it for a while (don't void your warrantee by getting into it too deep) you'll soon figure out how it works.
Whatever the problem, it's a new boat, take it back to the dealer and he'll fix it.

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