Johnson 88 electrical problems


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Johnson 88 electrical problems

My Johnson 88 has a year old marine battery with 875 CCA, and a new rectifier. When I turn the ignition key most of the time it won't start. It seems to be an electrical problem. How do I trace the wiring to find out why?
I have taken the battery to be checked. OK
I have checked connections. OK
I can jump from another battery (connected to another boat\car with that engine running) and it starts right up.
An auto mechanic said there was not enough battery power.

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If you can jump it with another battery and it starts right up, then it is your battery. The current one doesn't have enough amps in it to spin your motor up. Being a year old doesn't mean anything. If is was subjected to high heat or cold during the off season, or for some other reason the plates have broken down.....The best way to verify the battery is to use a load tester to see if it's any good. Just about any auto shop will have one, or you can pick one up for about 15 bucks. After that, corrosion and a dirty battery is the number one cause for amperage loss in a starting system. If a battery has a lot of grime on it and corroded terminals, you can put a meter from the negative terminal to the top of the battery case and actually get a reading. This is called voltage discharge and is lost power caused from the dirt and corrosion. Dirty terminals on the starter and the solenoid are the next places to clean up. But from what you are describing, you need to replace the battery. Take it back to the place you got it so they will pro-rate it.
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A quick note

Dear Chris,
Thank you for responding to my query. I am goin to get a new battery and try that. I'll let you know what happens.

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