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Question Nuts

The water pump nuts cover nuts on my Alpha 1 are self locking,and made of brass. I would like to replace them,and as they are self-locking and have been off & on a number of times.I would like to install new ones. Is there any reason that i couldn't use stainless instead of brass,as these can be purchased in one of the local hardware stores? Thanks, Don
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The number one problem with using stainless is when you go to torque them. Since stainless is harder that the material the water pump is made from, you will end up cracking the pump casing before the correct torque is reached. The number two reason for not using stainless on an engine is heat. Since stainless heats and cools at a quicker rate than cast metal or brass, what happens is the stainless hardware will actually loosen up ans the engine heats up and cools down. The number three reason is a dissimilar metal problem. Normally stainless isn't to much of a problem, but it some cases, putting stainless on non-stainless will cause the non-stainless to corrode at a much faster rate than it normally would. The usually happens when stainless is used with aluminum. To get around it, you would sue nylon washers inbetween the stainless and the non-stainless. In your case, the problem you will have is breaking your water pump housing.

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