motor stalls when put into gear....totally new to boats and this forum


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motor stalls when put into gear....totally new to boats and this forum

Bought an old fishing boat and motor for my son and I to have some fun with.
It starts when I choke it but stalls when I try to put it in gear.
I would only be able to fix a very simple repair and
I am wondering who to take it to and repair costs and
new motor prices. The man said it sat awhile so I am sure
it needs a few things.
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Probably a carburetor problem..............but if it sat awhile you may wanna just tune it up (new plugs, oil oil filter, new premium fuel with some sta-bil in it) give it some water & let it run awhile. If its something simple just letting it run may do it. if you notice anything out of the ordinary (tons of smoke, overheating, etc...) take it to someone that knows what they are doing. Make sure you have the proper mixture of oil in the fuel if required (assuming its an outboard, depending what type).

Someone may be able to give better advice on here than me -- so post the year, make, model, type (o,i/o) of the engine just in case.

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