Seastar Hydraulic steering


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Question Seastar Hydraulic steering

I did a search for the question I have and didn't find any matches.I have a 1998 Ranger boat with a seastar hydraulic steering. I went fishing this morning and noticed that when I wanted to steer to the left, it did so slowly. As I would steer to the left and as I kept turning the steering wheel, I would feel pressure then if felt easy then pressure again. Like when you strip a nut on a bolt.If I steered to the right it was ok,reponsive. What could be the problem? Is there a way to adjust this? Is it low on fluid? I did try to turn the steering all to way to each side and at the maximum range would get the same feeling in both directions.When one turns to the maxium to each side and if you keep turning the steering wheel,is the steering wheel suppose to stop turning and it can't be turned any longer? I did not notice any major leaks. I just recently purchased this boat so I am not fimiliar with this steering.If some one can help please post as much info as possible, I don't even know how to fill the fluid in this steering system.
Thanks in advance.
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Does your setup have an orbital pump behind the stereing wheel, under the console? It's not unheard of for those to go south, in fact it's fairly common. it's alos where the sttering fluid goes. When they go, they produce symtoms like your describing. There should be a plug under the wheel, between the wheel and the console, looks like a knob with a lace to put a screwdriver, or yours is one of the fun ones, where the plug is under the console. If you are not leaking fluid from the stering ram seals, this is where I'd start.

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