Outboard Motor - Grease leaking?


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Outboard Motor - Grease leaking?

I'm looking to purchase a used boat. Once the motor ran for about 5 minutes, there were white/tan colored clumps with bubbles floating on the surface. The motor is an old Evinrude(1978), but in good condition. We were running the motor in a 55-gallon garbage can full of water, since it was on a trailer. Is this grease from the engine or lower housing? I've never seen this before on the water. Any insight would help.

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That sure sounds like the lower unit oil.

Here is the way to check. There are two drain plugs on the lower end. Remove the bottom drain plug and let a little oil drain out ( Catch the oil in a bucket) if there is any water mixed in with the oil its time to replace the lower end seals. It works alot better if you run the motor a little. If the seals are bad the oil will come out frothy and white in color.

If the oil looks fine like no water has gotten in you should probably go ahead and change it.

Its real simple and will extend the like of your lower end.
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Like said I think lower unit also. "1978" Boy new shaft seal can be put in . But also check the prop shaft . Fish line gets around the shaft and it will wear the shaft down so a new seal only helps for a short time and it starts to leak again,
So if you put in a new prop shaft seal be sure and check the shaft might need a new one.


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