Lack of power to my 50hp Johnson OB


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Lack of power to my 50hp Johnson OB

I recently purchased an older boat with a 50hp Johnson OB
I think it is an older model, possibley early 70's.
I put new sparkplugs in and it seemed to run well at first, but now it is bogging out and won't pick up any power or speed. Can you help me?
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We need to elimate problems one by one. Make sure you have a good tank of fresh fuel and a good line to feed from that tank. Pump the primer bulb untill tight but don't over do it.

If all that checks out its time to move on to the carburetors.
Carburetors have many little orifices that get clogged. This maybe your problem. Its probably time to rebuild the carburetor.
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Even before you hit the carbs, make sure the fuel filter is new/clean. Does it come up to WOT in neutral, or does this problem happen under no load also? How long did it run fine for? When it was running fine, did it come up to full RPM under load? Had the motor been in storage before you bought it, and if so, was it stored properly ie: fogging spray?

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