sticker removal


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sticker removal

Hello, Can any one tell me if there is any thing that can be used to remove the old boat registration stickers from my hull? I have about 5 of them on top of each other, and would like to remove them and put a new one on. Thanks, Don
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lots of ways

razor scraper would be my choice

heat gun , (hair dryer if you dont have one )

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To add to the list...Nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

When applying any of these things, use a clean cloth and let it soak onto the sticker for a minute or 2.
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sticker removal

If they are like our state stickers, nothing will be absorbed, but a hair drier can soften the bottom layer of adhesive and you can scrape them off with a plastic (saves the fiberglass) scraper.

Try on the numbers, but they vary widely in composition.

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3M Adhesive Remover. We use it in the boat yard for exactly this tons of other gooey removal stuff.
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I have used stainless steel cleaner. Didn't hurt my fiberglass but label came right off.

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